ˈnɒsɪz(ə)m nosism: The use of “we” in stating one’s own opinions. Two minutes later, a man called Chamberlain who did Prime Minister impressions spoke on the wireless; he said, “As from eleven o’clock we are at war with Germany.” (I loved the WE.) Spike Milligan, Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall (1971) Milligan is … Continue reading Nosism

Christoph Baumer: The History Of Central Asia

Sima Qian found himself personally affected by China’s wars against the Xiongnu in quite unintended fashion, for in 99 BCE he was castrated on the orders of Emperor Han Wudi … If I’ve been quiet on the reading front for a while, it’s been because I’ve been working my way through these gorgeously produced volumes. They’re big—almost … Continue reading Christoph Baumer: The History Of Central Asia


-aɪz -ize: a suffix used to form verbs from adjectives and nouns Ubiquitization: This is a strategy adopted by service firms in order to physically distribute their products and services ‘everywhere’. Jones & Robinson, Operations Management (2012) A variety of  specific E2 carrier protein and E3 enzyme pairs impart another important level of selectivity through … Continue reading -ize