This page is about the books I’ve written.

They’re the successors to my Munro’s Fables (TACit Press, 1993), which is long out of print.Munro's Fables coverIt was beautifully illustrated by Chris Tyler, and contained a mix of comic Scottish hillwalking stories featuring a character called Lachlan, combined with a set of “Walking Type” vignettes, describing the sort of people you meet while out in the Scottish hills.

Twenty years on, in 2013, I added two hundred pages of new material to the original hundred pages of stories and vignettes from Munro’s Fables, and produced two e-books:

The Complete Lachlan, which contains all the Lachlan stories:Complete Lachlan cover

And The Walking Types Omnibus, which (you’ve guessed it) contains all the Walking Types vignettes:Walking Types Omnibus coverChris Tyler drew the cover art for both. For more information, links to reviews and places you can buy the books, click on the title links or the cover art.

If you like paper books, you can get both volumes in a paperback compendium edition, imaginatively entitled The Complete Lachlan & Walking Types:Complete Lachlan & Walking Types coverAgain, click the link or the cover art to go to a page that provides more detail.

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