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Rodney Russ & Aleks Terauds: Galapagos Of The Antarctic

These islands not only play an important role in the Southern Ocean ecosystem, they also have a rich human history—from their discovery around 200 years ago, through an era of exploitation, until finally today, when they are treasured for their intrinsic value as wild and beautiful places. I picked a copy of this book off … Continue reading Rodney Russ & Aleks Terauds: Galapagos Of The Antarctic

Tristan Gooley: How To Read Water

Our journey will begin, like so many great explorers before us, in the kitchen. Tristan Gooley is, according to his website, a “natural navigator”—by which he means that he navigates using nature, not that he’s just intrinsically good at navigating. He set out his stall with his first book, appropriately entitled The Natural Navigator, which … Continue reading Tristan Gooley: How To Read Water

Fairy Circles

  Not to be confused with fairy rings, which are circles of mushrooms and other fungi. These fairy circles were photographed in Namibia, and they’re a feature of the semi-arid margin of the Namib Desert. They form on sandy soil in regions where the annual rainfall is between 50 and 150 mm. They have a bare … Continue reading Fairy Circles


Last week, the Boon Companion and I were sipping sundowner cocktails in the British Virgin Islands, leaning back in our chairs, and cloud-watching. Long streets of fair-weather cumulus had been strung out over the Caribbean since midday. Now, half an hour before sunset, the cumulus was growing—boiling upwards to form towering cumulus congestus, which were … Continue reading Waterspouts