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Philip Latham: The Juvenile SF Novels

Although the hole made by the meteorite was too small to be readily seen, the hiss of escaping air was unmistakable. They were in dire peril, the worst that can befall a man in space. Philip Latham, Missing Men Of Saturn (1953) A while ago I wrote about two series of science-fiction-juvenile novels, written by … Continue reading Philip Latham: The Juvenile SF Novels

Desmond Bagley: Four Novels

It was long past lunch-time when I finished the story. My throat was dry with talking and Jean’s eyes had grown big and round. ‘It’s like something from the Spanish Main,’ she said. ‘Or a Hammond Innes thriller. Is the gold still there?’ Desmond Bagley, The Golden Keel (1963) I first encountered Desmond Bagley’s work … Continue reading Desmond Bagley: Four Novels

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Robert Wilfred Franson: The Shadow Of The Ship

For its entire breadth the Meadow supported only hard vacuum on its pseudosurface. Fixed ashiness that no breeze would ever stir, twisted by ancient gravitational gradients. Space below the space where things of nature or things of man could exist naturally, unattended. Subspace that could be moved across, but not resided in except as on … Continue reading Robert Wilfred Franson: The Shadow Of The Ship

T.J. Bass: The “Hive” Novels

The [library] stacks contained only scant information on such things as sun, moon and stars—as if atrophy by disuse had allowed these items to be dropped. Hive flora included bountiful species of vermin—sharing the warmth and nutrition of Big Earth Society—lice, roaches, meaty rats (cross-indexed under game food), and insects. Nothing else. Nothing was reported … Continue reading T.J. Bass: The “Hive” Novels

James White: Four Novels

I usually respond well to editorial criticism, and I invariably take notice of a constructive review. Generally speaking, however, those people who like my stories show great sensitivity and intelligence—those who don’t, don’t. James White, quoted by Graham Andrews James White was a Northern Irish science fiction author, who deserves to be better known than … Continue reading James White: Four Novels

Brian Stableford: The “Hooded Swan” Series

Brian Stableford is a British science fiction and fantasy author, also active as a critic, translator and academic commentator. The Hooded Swan series of six novels, published between 1972 and 1975, is how he first caught my attention. According to the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, (and certainly more importantly for Stableford) it also marks the point at which he significantly penetrated the American science fiction market. Since then, I’ve also enjoyed some of his fantasy alternate histories: The Empire Of Fear (1988), in which vampires are real; the David Lydyard trilogy (1990-1994), ditto werewolves; and the Empire Of The Necromancers trilogy (2008-2010), ditto Frankenstein’s monster.

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Fred Hoyle: Two Coauthors

“Are you seriously proposing,” the Minister spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully, as though they were chocolates out of an assorted box, “that some other beings, in some distant part of the galaxy, who have never had any contact with us before, have now conveniently sent us the design and programme for the kind of … Continue reading Fred Hoyle: Two Coauthors

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