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Phenomena: Introduction

Hardly a week goes by without some phenomenon in the natural world attracting my attention—the behaviour of waves and clouds, light and shade, animals and plants. There’s a great deal of physics going on out there, hidden in plain sight. Sometimes I can puzzle out what I’m seeing, sometimes I can look it up, sometimes … Continue reading Phenomena: Introduction

Reading: Introduction

I’ve always done a lot of reading. And now there’s a whole lot of reading-for-work that I can stop doing and replace with reading-for-pleasure. This is a Good Thing, because there’s something of a backlog of books to be read for pleasure. This photo is of about half the stash: The Oikofuge’s Boon Companion has … Continue reading Reading: Introduction

Words: Introduction

I’ve always loved words: unusual words, technical words, words with interesting etymologies, words that are often misused. For a while at the end of the last millennium, I wrote little filler items about words for the British Medical Journal, under the slightly self-congratulatory title Words to the Wise. Some have survived to become accessible on … Continue reading Words: Introduction