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Ben Vrackie From The West

Ben Vrackie (NN 950632, 841m)Meall na h-Aodainn Moire (NN 941622, 633m) 14 kilometres900 metres of ascent This one is much less eccentric than most of my “familiar hills from an unusual direction” reports—the route to Vrackie from the west is well-documented, but considerably less-travelled than the tourist route from the south. There’s even the potential … Continue reading Ben Vrackie From The West

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Sidlaws: Long Loch Circuit

Lundie Craigs (NO 281378, 353m)Keillor Hill (NO 281385, 334m)Donald’s Brae (NO 293396, c280m)Auchtertyre Hill (NO 293398,  278m)Newtyle Hill (NO 296399, 270m) 8.5 kilometres210 metres of ascent It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new walk in the Sidlaws. This one accesses an old ridge-walk from a new direction. I’ve previous visited these hills either … Continue reading Sidlaws: Long Loch Circuit

Glen Doll: Craig Mellon to Cairn Damff

Craig Mellon (NO 262773, 866m)Cairn Broadlands (NO 270777, 852m)Craig Damff (NO 247777, 846m) 15.5 kilometres800 metres of ascent Craig Mellon and Cairn Broadlands dominate the view up Glen Clova as you approach the road-head—neatly paired humps with Glen Doll on the left and upper Glen Clova on the right. The broad slope between the two … Continue reading Glen Doll: Craig Mellon to Cairn Damff

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Lockdown Walks: The Dundee-Newtyle Railway (Part 1)

This one follows the route of the old Dundee-Newtyle railway, as it weaves around town. The track bed is long gone (I can only just remember the occasional goods train plying this route in the early 1960s), and subsequent demolition and building work has left little of even industrial-archaeological interest —but it’s a pleasant route to follow, and wide enough to allow two-metre distancing throughout, with a little care (and occasional willingness to step off the path).

Glen Clova: Allan’s Hut To The Capel Mounth

Sandy Hillock (NO 266804, 768m) Dog Hillock (NO 286793, 732m) Ferrowie (NO 303794, 801m) 20.4 kilometres 1020 metres of ascent I’ve had it in mind to take this obscure little jaunt for some time—a trip along the crags on the north side of upper Glen Clova, linking the two main routes across the hills between … Continue reading Glen Clova: Allan’s Hut To The Capel Mounth

Lock-down Walks: Three Ships, Two Bridges, And A Bad Poet

2.6 kilometres25 metres of ascent This one’s just a short, level stroll along one of the more interesting sections of Dundee’s waterfront on the Tay estuary. It also goes off-book a bit by being a one-way stroll—linking the two ends of the journey is left as an … ahem … exercise for the interested reader.  Even while … Continue reading Lock-down Walks: Three Ships, Two Bridges, And A Bad Poet