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Hill Lists: “On Top Of The World”

I haven’t written about hill lists for a while, and after writing about the classic Scottish hill lists, and dealing in separate posts with the Corbetts and the Donalds, I’m overdue to write about the third (and original) classic, the Munros. But instead, I’m veering off into the long grass with this one, which deals … Continue reading Hill Lists: “On Top Of The World”

Sidlaws: The Classic ABC Circuit

Auchterhouse Hill (NO 354397, 424m)Balkello Hill (NO 361394, 397m)Craigowl Hill (NO 377400, 455m) 7.8 kilometres365m of ascent For complicated reasons that need not detain us here, The Oikofuge hasn’t been getting out much of late, to the extent that I had to miss this year’s rendezvous of the Crow Craigies Climbing Party. But as I … Continue reading Sidlaws: The Classic ABC Circuit

Ochils: Tillicoultry-Dollar Circuit

The Law (NS 910996, 638m)Andrew Gannel Hill (NN 918005, 670m)King’s Seat Hill (NS 933999, 648m) 17.4 kilometres910 metres of ascent Another loop in the Ochils, this one taking advantage of the Devon Way cycle/pedestrian path to make a return from Dollar to Tillicoultry. And, again, it was designed so that the return limb of this … Continue reading Ochils: Tillicoultry-Dollar Circuit

Hillwalkers’ Gaelic: “Doing The Dubhs”

[The letter] h is one of the most common letters on any page of Gaelic, and as a result has become the victim of its own popularity. In pseudo- or pidgin Gaelic it is used by many who do not know the language well and feel that the liberal insertion of a few examples of … Continue reading Hillwalkers’ Gaelic: “Doing The Dubhs”

Simon Ingram: The Black Ridge

I stood in the rain at the foot of the Inaccessible Pinnacle’s east edge, that ‘easy edge’, looking up at it, trembling a little. True, I was overawed by its history, its odd and discomfiting form, its dizzying position — but I think I was basically just very scared. In the part of your brain … Continue reading Simon Ingram: The Black Ridge

Scottish Hill Lists: The Donald Revisions

This is the second in my planned series of posts dealing with the revision history of the three “classic” tables of Scottish hills—the Munros, Donalds and Corbetts, which I introduced in an earlier post. I also introduced the idea of topographic prominence, and a way of charting these hill tables in two dimensions by plotting … Continue reading Scottish Hill Lists: The Donald Revisions

Ochils: Glen of Sorrow Circuit

King’s Seat Hill (NS 933999, 648m)Andrew Gannel Hill (NN 918006, 670m)Skythorn Hill (NN 926013, 601m)Cairnmorris Hill (NN 933016, 606m)Tarmangie Hill (NN 943013 645m)Whitewisp Hill (NN 955013 643m) 14 kilometers930 metres of ascent I mentioned the Glen of Sorrow when I wrote about my circuit of Glen Sherup, and promised I’d write more about it on … Continue reading Ochils: Glen of Sorrow Circuit

Hillwalkers’ Gaelic: Part 2

Last time, I introduced the concept of “Hillwalkers’ Gaelic”, which I abbreviated “HG” to distinguish it from Scottish Gaelic (“SG”). I did so in the context of a comic poem entitled “The Climber’s Guide to the Pronunciation of the Gaelic Tongue“, which appeared in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal of 1897, probably written by the … Continue reading Hillwalkers’ Gaelic: Part 2

Scottish Hill Lists: The Corbett Revisions

In a previous post, I wrote about the three “classic” Scottish hills lists—the Munros (1891), Donalds (1935) and Corbetts (1952), and how these were brought together, in a publication commonly referred to as Munro’s Tables, by the Scottish Mountaineering Club in 1953. As a way of displaying the topographic data for these hills, I also … Continue reading Scottish Hill Lists: The Corbett Revisions