The Complete Lachlan

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ISBN: 9781301799862

Complete Lachlan cover

(Cover illustration by Chris Tyler)

Lachlan McLoughlin returns! Scottish hillwalking colossus, inventor, adventurer, and self-confessed Renaissance Man.

Be enthralled as he and his long-suffering companion roam the Highlands in search of: buried treasure, a decent drink, Roman relics, free badges, the Stone of Destiny, fame through technological innovation, UFOs, rocket launchers, long-lost love, and their bus-fare home.

Be amazed as they struggle on despite: the Army, Tayside Police, the Mountain Rescue service, reindeer, GIANT ALIEN ROBOTS, imaginary volcanoes, al fresco breast-feeding, Young Farmers, the BBC’s Gaelic unit, and a nice man from the McManus Museum.

Lachlan’s adventures were first recorded in the pages of The Angry Corrie magazine and in the book Munro’s Fables (TACit Press) in 1993. Now, for the first time, all the original stories are united with six previously unpublished adventures to form … The Complete Lachlan.

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