Letters From Abroad: Edh and Thorn

If you were transported unconscious to a foreign country and then wakened in the street, a glimpse of this plumber’s van would tell you exactly where you were—only Icelandic contains the two unusual letters that feature in that first word viðhaldsþjónusta (“maintenance services”). In fact, the Icelanders refer to their letters ð and þ as séríslenskur: “uniquely … Continue reading Letters From Abroad: Edh and Thorn

Braes Of The Carse: Den Of Pitroddie Update

A short update on a remarkable phenomenon encountered earlier this year. You may remember the picture above from a previous post. It’s the Pitroddie Burn disappearing down a sinkhole in the Den of Pitroddie. It emerges from the ground a couple of hundred metres downstream, apparently none the worse for the experience. I first encountered … Continue reading Braes Of The Carse: Den Of Pitroddie Update

Sub Sea To Summit (Update)

They made it, and in an astonishingly short time—they conquered Ben Nevis while wearing an 80-kilogram diving suit, and reached their original crowdfunding target. You can take a look at more photos (and give some money if you haven’t already), at the Sub Sea To Summit JustGiving webpage: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/subseatosummit 1

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