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ˈɒmnɪʃæmblz omnishambles: a chaotic situation, especially in politics, brought about by multiple serious mistakes and a lack of basic understanding Malcolm Tucker: Not only have you got a [redacted] bent husband and a [redacted] daughter that gets taken to school in a [redacted] sedan chair, you’re also [redacted] mental. Jesus Christ, see you, you are … Continue reading Omnishambles

Levison Wood: Walking The Americas

I’ve found on these long expeditions that there sometimes comes a point when you grow tired of walking. Walking the Americas recounts the story of Levison Wood’s third epic walking journey—a successor to Walking the Nile and Walking the Himalayas, and a companion volume to the Channel 4 TV series of the same name. You … Continue reading Levison Wood: Walking The Americas

Levison Wood: Walking The Himalayas

“You come all this way to see the views and get out of breath? What a strange people you are.” This is the successor volume to Levison Wood‘s Walking The Nile, which recorded his journey on foot from the source of the Nile to the Mediterranean. It’s a companion to his TV series of the … Continue reading Levison Wood: Walking The Himalayas

Mike Loades: Swords and Swordsmen

This is a gorgeous book. Pen & Sword have done Mike Loades proud with the production values—it’s nicely laid out, beautifully illustrated, and has a deeply satisfactory heft to it. Even if you don’t recognize his name, Loades may be familiar to you if you watch the occasional historical documentary. I most recently caught sight … Continue reading Mike Loades: Swords and Swordsmen

Three books About Colour

If you’ve been enjoying Dr Helen Czerski’s BBC4 series Colour: The Spectrum of Science (and why would you not?), then I find a cluster of related books on the shelves chez Oikofuge, all of which I can recommend. Philip Ball is a popular science writer of long experience, and his Bright Earth: Art And The … Continue reading Three books About Colour