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More About “Anti-Agathic”

From beneath the bushy V of satanic eyebrows, Rachs’ jet eyes seemed to shower sparks at him. As usual, that immobile face was incandescent, and Toring fancied he could almost hear the creaking of a carbon-arc in the brain of his superior. The Hungarian’s incredible energies frightened, rather than soothed patrons, and for years he … Continue reading More About “Anti-Agathic”

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Fantastic Plastic 1/48 Northrop HL-10

The Northrop HL-10 was an experimental wingless “lifting body” aircraft that flew in the late ’60s and early ’70s. As the box art above indicates, it’s familiar to many people of a certain age from the opening sequence of the television series The Six Million Dollar Man. It was one of a series of lifting … Continue reading Fantastic Plastic 1/48 Northrop HL-10


fɛˈstɪvɪtɪ Festivity: Rejoicing, mirth, gaiety, such as befits a feast Christmas time! That man must be a misanthrope indeed, in whose breast something like a jovial feeling is not roused—in whose mind some pleasant associations are not awakened—by the recurrence of Christmas. Charles Dickens, “Christmas Festivities”, Bell’s Life in London (1835) Dickens would have considered … Continue reading Festivity

T.J. Bass: The “Hive” Novels

The [library] stacks contained only scant information on such things as sun, moon and stars—as if atrophy by disuse had allowed these items to be dropped. Hive flora included bountiful species of vermin—sharing the warmth and nutrition of Big Earth Society—lice, roaches, meaty rats (cross-indexed under game food), and insects. Nothing else. Nothing was reported … Continue reading T.J. Bass: The “Hive” Novels

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Revell 1/72 Supermarine Walrus: Whale-Spotting in the Southern Ocean – Part 3

At the end of my previous post in this build log, I was ready to mount the wings and start rigging them. I’ve already drilled the lower surfaces of the upper wings and the upper surfaces of the lower wings so that I can thread monofilament between the two wings. To start with, I’ll thread … Continue reading Revell 1/72 Supermarine Walrus: Whale-Spotting in the Southern Ocean – Part 3

Ochils: Ben Cleuch From The North

Ben Shee (NN 952039, 516m)Cairnmorris Hill (NN 933016, 606m)Skythorn Hill (NN 926013, 601m)Andrew Gannel Hill (NN 918006, 670m)Ben Cleuch (NN 902006, 721m)Ben Buck (NN 896014, 679m)Ben Buck NE Top (NN 904024, 583m) 20 kilometres790 metres of ascent Most of the foot traffic on Ben Cleuch, the highest point in the Ochil Hills, comes up the … Continue reading Ochils: Ben Cleuch From The North

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