Cheeky … [Update]

I recently reported how a publisher had used a quote from a book review on this blog on the book’s Amazon pages. But the quote contained an ellipsis that omitted 350 words and four paragraphs, significantly altering the sense of what I’d originally written. The original post is here.

Well, I contacted Amazon to report misleading product information, and got no reply. So I contacted the publishers, Night Shade Books, to take issue with their use of the quote. I got a reply within 24 hours, offering to either remove the quote entirely, or to use a more representative quote. I was happy with the quote they chose, so told them to go ahead—and within another 24 hours they had changed the quote on their own website and revised the Amazon material.  It’s taken a while for the revision to filter through, but the US Amazon pages are now showing the revised content, although UK is lagging.

So that was all quickly and amicably resolved.

2 thoughts on “Cheeky … [Update]”

    1. Yes. Kudos to the publisher.
      The Amazon UK page has eventually updated its content, too, so the change is slowly filtering through the system.

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