Phenomena: Introduction

Hardly a week goes by without some phenomenon in the natural world attracting my attention—the behaviour of waves and clouds, light and shade, animals and plants. There’s a great deal of physics going on out there, hidden in plain sight. Sometimes I can puzzle out what I’m seeing, sometimes I can look it up, sometimes I just go away baffled.

At the turn of the millennium, I wrote a series of columns about this stuff in The Scotsman newspaper, entitled “Just Phenomenal”. You used to be able to find them on the newspaper’s website, but nowadays they have vanished from their original location, while being strangely preserved by an organization called HighBeam Research: 26 of the original articles sit behind a subscription wall. (Caution: I have absolutely no idea what will happen to you if you subscribe to HighBeam Research.)

After that, I produced some similar articles and columns for Wanderlust magazine.

I enjoy researching these things, so I plan on blogging here about a few topics relating to natural phenomena. There will also be the inevitable book recommendations.

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